Solution Architect (M/F)

SaaSOffice, an innovative software startup, is recruiting a Solution Architect (M/F) to join its teams. Are you looking for a technical challenge? Then you've come to the right place. As a Solutions Architect, you'll be the central point involved in all levels of product development. As a cornerstone of our growth, your role will be to design and supervise the overall architecture of our products, ensuring that they are robust, scalable and aligned with our customers' needs.

  • Innovate by joining teams dedicated to our new products and contribute to the definition of innovative real estate solutions.
  • Participate in the development of our SaaSOffice products, supporting growth and scalability through an automated software infrastructure.

We work in a caring, agile, multi-cloud environment. We believe in the potential of self-organized teams tackling common challenges.

  • Design and oversee the global architecture of our solutions, integrating best practices in software design, cloud hosting and database management.
  • Optimize the performance of our applications by working on system design, resource management and the implementation of automatic scaling strategies.
  • Assess and mitigate security and compliance risks, implementing proactive measures to protect sensitive customer data.
  • Provide technical advice to development teams on architecture choices, technologies to be used and best practices to be followed to guarantee code quality and maintainability.
  • Maintain a constant technology watch to keep abreast of the latest trends and advances in software architecture, cloud computing and application development.
Skills required


  • In-depth expertise in cloud architectures such as AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform, including the design of highly available and scalable infrastructures.
  • Mastery of relational and non-relational databases, as well as distributed storage technologies such as Apache Cassandra or MongoDB.
  • Advanced knowledge of software architecture principles, design patterns and frameworks such as Kubernetes, Docker and Terraform.
  • In-depth understanding of IT security and compliance concepts, with the ability to implement data protection strategies.
  • Knowledge of best practices in software development, continuous deployment and code quality management.



  • Ability to design and implement complex software architectures, effectively integrating different components and services.
  • Competence in assessing business needs and translating these needs into technical solutions, taking into account performance, security and scalability constraints.
  • Practical experience in using state-of-the-art tools and technologies to automate deployment, configuration management and system monitoring.
  • Ability to work in a team and collaborate closely with developers, SREs, quality teams and other stakeholders to achieve architectural objectives.
  • Ability to solve complex problems creatively, proposing innovative solutions and anticipating potential challenges linked to software architecture and cloud computing.



  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to present technical concepts in a clear and accessible way to a non-technical audience.
  • Strong results orientation, with a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction in all facets of the job.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to deal effectively with unexpected situations and make informed decisions under tight deadlines.
  • Ability to work independently and manage time and priorities effectively in a dynamic, fast-paced environment.
  • Commitment to continuous learning and professional development, with a natural curiosity for new technologies and market trends.

Graduated with a BAC+3 or BAC+5 in computer engineering. Fluency in English is essential.

Solution Architect (M/F)

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