Digitalize your workspaces, unleash your potential.

corporate solution

Offering an innovative employee experience

User experience

Remote control of all elements related to employee management

Empower your employees with our white-label mobile application

Booking your space

Reserve your offices and meeting rooms according to your team and assignment rules

Using the interactive 2D map

Planning your weeks

Visualize your colleagues

Book in 1 click

Controlling restrictions

Access management

Automate your access management

Digital access

Using the application or badges

Scan, Enter

Manage visitor access

Detecting anomalies

Automatic Wifi access

Manage your network security

Manage your visitors

Controlling usage

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Data analysis

Use your data to continuously improve the employee experience

Visitor statistics

Tailor your spaces

Occupancy forecast

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End-user management

Offering more digital interactions and pushing boundaries

Employees interaction and animation

Provide a better user experience with a single interface.

Mobile application

Improve the accessibility of your services.

User support

Increase customer satisfaction.

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Keep your data secure while taking advantage of a high-performance architecture