360° management of your business, centralized in a single, multilingual solution.

SaaSOffice solution

It all starts with a comprehensive dashboard that centralizes the needs of each department



"What is the evolution of the commercial performance of Sales and Brokers?"



"What are the most profitable marketing channels?"



"What's the peak use of wifi and app access?"

Dashboard SaaSOffice solution


"Which centre experiences the most operational issues?"



"What is the forecasted ROI for our new centre in relation to the business plan?"



"What is the breakdown of sales by category compared to the budget?"

All center data is consolidated onto one platform

Never lose sight of center activities. Manage leads, project occupancy rates, and track sales.

Control the entire value chain with a unified multilingual solution

All these management steps can be grouped into 4 key phases,
all covered by our solution

Customer acquisition

Manage your prospects, rationalize your marketing costs and boost your sales performance

Customer relationship management

Keep track of your exchanges, centralize your documents and adopt 360° management.

Improve control over opportunities and increase conversion rates.

Facilitate customer commitment.

Digital Marketing

Identify your sources.

Reduce acquisition costs.

Optimize your marketing policy.

Advanced Sales

Visualize your spaces, their occupancy and prices.

Manage your centers by zone.

Fine-tune your sales performance.

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Anticipate demand, adjust your contracts and maximize your ROI

Price per Sqm

Optimize the price per square meter in each center and reduce operating costs.

Increase your sales with automatic adjustments.

Contract and Amendment

Easily contract renewal with automatic change option.

Increase your sales by negotiating endorsements.

Revenue management

Segment your business, improve profitability and increase perceived value.

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Operational management

Ensure optimum efficiency and 360° visibility of your services, accounting, and spaces

Inventory management

Personalize your services and increase sales per center.

Real-time accounting and payment

Improve financial clarity in all centers, anticipate problems and reduce human resources costs.

Facility management

Automate center management and streamline the user experience.

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End-user management

Offering more digital interactions and pushing boundaries

Employees interaction and animation

Provide a better user experience with a single interface.

Mobile application

Improve the accessibility of your services.

User support

Increase customer satisfaction.

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Keep your data secure while taking advantage of a high-performance architecture